The Hosteria has always been a favoured social meeting point, where the art of hospitality is expressed with a particular focus on the selection of wines.

The same word “hosteria”, written in its original sense, describes the concept of hospitality in which wine is the central and historic choice of beverage. A drink which has given life to numerous mythical legends relating to the Greek god Dionysus. The world of wine incorporates all these historic references, leading to other strongly symbolic moments such as the grape harvest, culminating in modern interpretations of these traditions with sommelier. The aperitif concept is based on two founding principles: the appreciation of high quality food and beverage, and the multisensory experience.

The Menu offers an excellent selection of wines and natural mineral waters, with standout sparkling wines, wines and cocktails all exclusively prepared with the best authentic Italian products that can be sourced. The combination of food is carefully considered and personalised for each different type of drink in order to provide clients a unique and sought-after drinking experience. Also in its Hosteria, LARTE places a central focus and emphasis on telling the story and the interaction it creates with people.

In partnership with Allegrini, Bellavista, Cà del Bosco, Cantine Ferrari, Feudi di San Gregorio, Nonino and San Pellegrino