LARTE welcomes contemporary art forms onto the stage

Among the numerous artistic forms for which Italy is famous for expressing excellence and distinction, the important and strategic elements of art, fashion and design represent an integral part of LARTE’s concept and decor.

LARTE’s Gallery pays tribute to the modern and the contemporary – to such movements and works that in the post war era have influenced the arts around the world (reference to Burri, Fontana, Manzoni) – therefore creating the ideal location for meeting and sharing ideas, where new and old come together, generating a “timeless” effect. The Gallery is brought to life with an active exhibition programme, showcasing pieces of art by up-and-coming talents and young artists, some already recognised in the world of contemporary art. The Gallery seeks to promote art in its full variety of forms, from photography to paintings, right the way through to video, displayed pieces of art and sculptures.

The concept of interior design developed by LARTE places a central focus on the careful choice of furnishings which best express the high quality and excellence of Italian fashion and design. The world-famous companies Artemide and Zanotta were therefore involved in the project, contributing their significant know-how and valuable collaboration in creating bespoke pieces as well as customising some of their own high-end products. Guests can “live and enjoy” works by illustrious designers such as Achille Castiglioni, Fortunato Depero, Carlo Mollino, Marco Zanuso and Ettore Sottsass, which are on display in some of the most important contemporary art museums in the world, and there is always room for the works of some precocious young talents of international design.

The high quality of Italian design is also expressed through the use of some cutting edge technology materials, such as grès porcelain stoneware of exquisite form (Florim) and limited edition parquet flooring by Listone Giordano, “la carta” by Jannelli & Volpi, and the fibre reinforced concrete (exclusively patented by Italcementi) used for the structure of outfitted walls.

LARTE’s project ensures the frequent renovation and refresh of the installations, which can be drawn from archives and historical collections of some of the most important Italian companies, and also from the world of fashion and design. Furthermore, in parallel to its various events and temporary exhibitions, the Gallery will also have a permanent presence of certain works of art and installations.