Prime location for chocolate lovers

The Cioccolateria not only offers chocolate products, it also welcomes us into a world where Italy boasts a distinguished tradition amongst the world leaders in the original interpretation of chocolate.

Adept at satisfying even the most demanding of palates, LARTE’s Cioccolateria offers a wide choice of chocolate based products – amongst others – which best exemplify Italian traditions. The specialist confectionery is authentic, refined and of the highest quality, offering captivating products which are fresh and genuine. All items are handcrafted using only the best ingredients, mixed together employing the antique methods and wisdom of traditional handmade production. LARTE’s The Cioccolateria is the ideal spot to live the “sweet moments” of the day, satisfying those guilty pleasures at breakfast and tea time: at LARTE it’s possible to taste and purchase real delicacies; chocolate cake, ‘semifreddi’ (semi-frozen) desserts and sophisticated mini-pastries, unrivalled quality of chocolate, small ‘cioccolatini’- often enriched with spices and full of flavour – praline items, chocolate bars, excellent hot and cold drinking chocolate in various flavours, consistencies and blends. Once again, the presentation is elegant and the friendly staff really do make the difference.

In partnership with Baratti & Milano, Caffarel and Domori