Ritual and tradition

The Café is the quintessential Italian meeting point: coffee is traditionally a drink which inspires intelligence, around which a sophisticated culture of conversation has been developed in Italy; a social custom of spending time together which has given rise to various artistic and literary movements.

LARTE’s Café retains a typical Italian style but is infused with innovation. It distinguishes itself for its quality, the sensory experience and the image of a Café which seeks to preserve the Borghese tradition of historic Cafés from the beginning of the 900s whilst satisfying the needs of a modern clientele. LARTE, synonymous with Italian character, offers a new vision of a Café which enables clients to immerse themselves in a refined and elegant atmosphere where everything revolves around coffee – its blend of aromas, perfumes and colours – in order to guarantee a relaxing break packed full of flavour and enjoyment, and very much in keeping with the finest Italian traditions. In addition to its selection of coffees, LARTE’s Café offers a rich choice of hot and cold soft drinks, and a wide selection of teas and infusions, accompanied by ‘home-made’ desserts and sweet treats which are also available to take away. The ritual Italian coffee break engages guests in a cognitive and sensory experience which provides the best possible way to savour their drink, bringing out the absolute finest qualities of the blend. Thanks to the contemporary, warm and welcoming ambience, it’s possible to savour a coffee either alone or with company, comfortably seated at a table or standing at the bar, perhaps also enjoying it with an accompanying pastry or exotic fruit, and always benefiting from the impeccable attention to service which really makes the difference.

The Café space is divided into different areas – counter service, lounge area and exhibition space – which satisfy the needs of all guests and characterise the Italian appreciation of coffee, marrying tradition and culture. The designated area for the “caffè bar” lounge area, displays a linear and well defined interior, facing out directly onto via Manzoni and leading seamlessly into the display case of chocolate – which almost creates a boutique within the coffee shop – characterised by both the finest Made in Italy products and also the significant presence of Italian works of art.

In partnership with illycaffè, ambassador for Italian coffee culture around the world.