Ancient peoples observed the night sky to point out stars and use them for orientation. They wanted to be closer to these stars but were afraid of the enormous space in between and therefore built their city walls and positioned their houses in relationship to the star constellations above them. Thus reflecting star constellations on earth. Inspired by this thought, Hillsideout presents furniture pieces that frame and evidence city structures. They are reverted towards the ground because they are imaginary cities built following star constellations. Historical changes in architecture are evoked through the use of wood and transparent Plexiglas for the “houses”.

About Hillside Out

Andrea Zambelli and Nat Wilms has founded in Bologna Hillside out studio which is based on a common research and a truly team work, does not pretend to be a procedure of restoration or an artwork, but aims to find its position in innovative furnishings full of past, passion and future.