gruppo di tazzine illy art collection
"La missione, la passione e l’ossessione della illycaffè è deliziare tutti coloro che amano la qualità della vita attraverso la ricerca del miglior caffè che la natura possa offrire, esaltato dalle migliori tecnologie. Da quattro generazioni la mia famiglia è impegnata in questa sfida. Un sorriso a ogni tazzina". “Delighting people who love the quality of life thanks to the best coffee that nature can offer, enhanced even more by the most advanced technologies: this is illycaffè mission, passion, and obsession. My family has been committed to this challenge for four generations: to give a smile at each cup of coffee”
Andrea Illy

illycaffè produces and markets worldwide only one blend of high quality coffee, made of nine kinds of pure Arabica. The unmistakable taste and aroma of illy are born from the perfect balance of these ingredients that the company purchases directly from the growers in South America, Central America, India, Africa, and China. Taste and aroma are always the same in each cup of coffee sipped in any region of the globe. Worldwide, more than 6 million coffee cups are enjoyed every day, made with the illy blend for HoReCa channels (hotels, restaurants, cafés), for home, for the office and on the go. Depending on the channel, the illy blend is available in cans (of either beans or ground coffee), capsules, and pods. illy coffee is sold in over 140 countries, in each of the five continents, and it is available in more than a hundred thousand bars.

The company has direct and indirect control over eleven sister companies and employs almost 1050 people:  in 2013 it has had a consolidated turnover of 373,9 million Euros.  The exports have topped 60% of its overall sales.

Founded in 1933 by Francesco Illy, the company is still led by the Illy family:  the honorary Chairman of illycaffè Anna (Ernesto’s widow), their sons Francesco, Riccardo, and Andrea, and their daughter Anna. At present, Andrea Illy is Chairman and CEO of illycaffè, whose internationalization he has successfully pursued by innovating its processes, its culture, and the search for quality in the international enogastronomic panorama. illycaffè belongs to the family holding illy Spa Group, which gathers in one pole of taste companies of excellence in the international enogastronomic panorama.

illycaffè is the official partner of Expo Milano 2015 and it takes charge of the content project and management, the exhibitions and the events associated to coffee, in the Coffee Cluster common area.

The world in a cup of coffee

illycaffè is a point of reference for coffee culture and excellence, since it has built an all-inclusive world made of ethics, intelligence, experience, taste, science, and art.

In order to obtain the coffee of the best quality, illycaffè purchases directly its raw materials from the growers, in an economic, social, and environmental sustainability process that goes all the way down the supply chain, from the bean to the cup. Thanks to this process, illycaffè has been the first company in the world to obtain from DNV Business Assurance the certification of “Responsible Supply Chain Process”, that regards as its core values the concept of quality coffee sustainability and the creation of value for all its stakeholders, from the coffee grower to its customer.

illycaffè pays the greatest attention and focuses on science and to researches applied to the raw materials and to all the producing processes, from selection to preparation, so that many innovations that have changed the history of coffee were created by illy. In order to improve and to spread the knowledgeand the culture of coffee, in 2000 the company has set up Università del Caffè, which spreads its heritage of skills to coffee producers and growers, coffee bar businessmen and baristas, and to consumers and connoisseurs as well. Università del Caffè has its main quarters in Trieste, and can count on 25 campuses outside Italy. In 12 years of activity has trained more than 106 thousand people worldwide.

In order for the consumers to always experience an exclusive and extraordinary cup of illy coffee, illycaffè has created many products and projects suitable for different places, situations, and preparations. The program Artisti del Gusto distinguishes the most excellent coffee bars at international level; the Espressamente illy chain can count on 230 coffee bars in over 30 countries; and in Italy the Gambero Rosso Guide to the Italian Coffee Bars. Among the home dedicated products and systems there is Iperespresso, an innovation protected by 5 international patents, while illy issimo, the “ready to drink” coffee available worldwide, allows everybody to enjoy coffee anywhere. Thanks to coffee machines and Mitaca systems everybody can enjoy illycaffè at the office as well.

The  aim to perfection and the passion for beauty and what is well made have spurred illy to give a special attention to  the pleasure of the senses given by coffee  and to involve the sight and the brain as well mainly through art. This is how the illy Art Collections were born in 1992, designed since then by more than 70 famous representatives of the international contemporary art panorama. illycaffè has been actively promoting and enhancing contemporary art for 20 years already, by working side by side with famous and emerging artists, by creating new projects such as Galleria illy, by sponsoring major art events and international exhibitions – such as the Biennial of Venice and the most remarkable art fairs (Artissima, ARCO Madrid, Frieze Art Fair, Armory Show, SP-Arte) – , and by offering visibility to the art and the artists of the emerging countries with illy SustainArt (

Even something as little as sipping a cup of coffee with illy has become a spark, an inspiration, an incentive to look for happiness in one’s own life every day.  An invitation  to live each moment in an extraordinary way:  live happilly.