Cantine Ferrari
LARTE è un teatro dove va in scena il bello e il buono dell’Italia, una bottega del gusto e dello stile dove le nostre eccellenze enogastronomiche si accompagnano all’arte, alla moda e al design italiani. La tavola e il vino sono infatti espressione della nostra cultura, dei nostri territori e, in generale, del nostro stile di vita. LARTE vuole infine essere una piazza, anzi, la piazza di Altagamma, un luogo di incontro e di confronto. Ho creduto in questo progetto fin dall’inizio e l’ho seguito con passione ed entusiasmo perché credo nelle grandi potenzialità e sinergie che scaturiscono quando le eccellenze italiane lavorano insieme. Dentro LARTE, come Cantine Ferrari, desideriamo portare un brindisi Trentodoc, all’insegna dell’Arte di Vivere Italiana!LARTE is a theater where Italian beauty and gastronomic quality are enacted, a laboratory of style and taste where the excellence of wine and food is joined by Italian art, fashion and design. Food and wine are quintessential expressions of our culture, our territory and, in general, our way of life. LARTE is in essence a forum, the forum for Altagamma, a place for meeting people and exchanging ideas. I believed in this project from the beginning. I followed it with passion and enthusiasm because I am convinced in the great potential and synergy possible when excellent Italian brands work together. Ferrari Winery would like to provide LARTE with a Trentodoc toast to the Italian Art of Living!
Matteo Lunelli

“Leader in Italian sparkling wine for over a century”

Ferrari is the leading traditional method winery in Italy and one of the top ten in the world.  Ferrari was founded in Trento in 1902 by Giulio Ferrari, a wine maker with a dream to create a sparkling wine in Italy which could equal even the finest champagnes.

After taking control of the small winery in 1952, Bruno Lunelli expanded the previously limited but extremely selective production without compromising quality. Today the business, which maintains a familial management, is led by the third generation of the Lunellis.

Ferrari continues to seek the highest quality staying true to the traditional method and its territory, Trentino.  All of the grapes, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, come from this land’s mountains slopes which are extremely suited to the production of sparkling wine and are harvested according to the strict guidelines of the Trento Doc protocol.  Awarded by many, Ferrari has received the “Mito del Quarantennale” (mythic wine of the 40year anniversary) by Vinitaly, has won four times the Oscar of Wine by the Italian Sommelier Association and receives each year highest marks from the best wine guides such us The Three Glasses by Gambero Rosso.

Ferrari has always been the favored toast of Italy. The wines provide the perfect accompaniment to the most significant moments in statesmanship, culture, artistery, fashion, and athletic achievement. Ferrari is the leader in Italy with 25% of the traditional method sparkling wine market share and exports in over 50 countries. The Ferrari style is displayed in 12 different labels: Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore, a reserve which is matured in the bottle for over 10 years, Giulio Ferrari Collezione, which challenges time with its 18 years of aging, other vintages like Ferrari Riserva Lunelli, Ferrari Perlé, Ferrari Perlé Rosé, Ferrari Perlé Nero and then Ferrari Maximum Brut, Ferrari Maximum Rosé, Ferrari Maximum Demi-Sec, dedicated for the restaurant industry and the historic Ferrari labels such as Ferrari Brut, Ferrari Rosé and Ferrari Demi-Sec.

From the 80’s the Lunelli family has followed a diversification strategy in the beverage industry by acquiring Segnana, a grappa, Surgiva, a mineral water and by creating a portfolio of still wines; Tenute Lunelli, which includes Podernovo from Tuscany, Castelbuono from Umbria and Margon from Trentino. This was the beginning of the Lunelli Group, distinguished by its single-minded commitment to quality and its passion for the local territories.

The 50% acquisition of Bisol, a historic benchmark brand for Prosecco Superiore, confirms the leadership of the Lunelli Group in the Italian world of sparkling wines. This places the Lunelli Group in the privileged position to represent several different varieties in the Italian sparkling wine sector.

Finishing this picture of quality is the Michelin-starred Ferrari restaurant, Locanda Margon, located on the hillside of Trento.