"LARTE è una sfida in un settore abitualmente gestito da singoli, spesso star. Qui il meglio dell'enogastronomia italiana si è unito con l'ambizione di rendere fruibile la cucina italiana regionale in un luogo ricco di fascino. LARTE non sarà un ristorante, ma un luogo di ospitalità e accoglienza intorno ad una tavola, una bottega, una galleria e un caffè. Scena dell'espressione delle eccellenze italiane.""LARTE provides a challenge in a sector typically managed by individuals and often stars. Here the best Italian food and wine is united with the ambition to make regional Italian cuisine accessible in one place, rich in charm and appeal. LARTE will not just be a restaurant, but a welcoming place for hospitality centred around the dining table, a boutique shop, a gallery and a café. The setting for an expression of Italian excellence."
Maurizio Zanella

If wine is art, Ca’ del Bosco’s masterpiece is Franciacorta, which has the unique and unmistakeable signature of Maurizio Zanella. Ca’ del Bosco is leader in the production of Franciacorta with bubbles of the finest effervescence which carry the name of the area in which they are produced. A position reached thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of Maurizio Zanella who, in the early 1970’s, realised and followed his artistic vocation, becoming a major player in the renaissance of Italian winemaking and transforming a house in a forest of chestnut trees into one of the most modern and advanced wineries of today. Ca’ del Bosco has a unique principle which governs and defines every aspect of production, from the choice of grape vines through to the bottling process: quality, or better still, only the absolute highest level of quality; excellence.

The wines produced need to satisfy the requirements that make up the enjoyment and pleasure of the drink: absolute balance and perfect harmony. Ca’ del Bosco’s winemaking process supports the natural expression of quality and authenticity of the grapes, which depends on the variety and cultivation techniques for the grapevines.

The company’s philosophy is based on the application of technology in the full expression of the grapes in order to achieve the best wines possible. Each batch of harvested grapes has its own “unique personality”, which needs to be recognised, appreciated and steered towards its best expression. Ca’ del Bosco identified the calling and potential of a wine producing area – la Franciacorta – a zone which, above all, permits Chardonnay to reach complete maturity with the maximum concentration of aromas.

In order to successfully achieve the production of these fine wines, high performance technology is required. Ca’ del Bosco has put faith in and invested heavily in this area, building a technologically advanced cellar with machinery unique to the sector, enabling the optimal management of pre-fermentation processes for whites and macerating for reds; both crucial phases in winemaking.