"Quando abbiamo pensato a LARTE, abbiamo immaginato la stessa cosa: un luogo che parlasse di noi, delle nostre passioni e dei nostri prodotti, e che ci facesse sentire accolti come a casa, circondati da tutto ciò che ispira armonia. Il bello e il buono per noi, per i nostri ospiti e per quanti condividono il nostro stile di vita.""When we thought about LARTE, we imagined the same thing: a location which talks about us, about our passion and our products, and which makes us feel welcome and at home, encapsulated by everything that inspires harmony. The beautiful and the good for us, for our guests and for those who share our style of life."
Vittorio e Francesca Moretti

Above and below the Bellavista hill, in the heart of Franciacorta, the Moretti Family has reunited the house, original vineyard and the wine cellar. Franciacorta consists of a handful of hills tucked between Lake Iseo and the Po Valley “la pianura padana” and encapsulates a world which has its centre of gravity in the earth, with the equilibrium of the landscape and its uninterrupted lines emphasising its distinctiveness.

Today, Bellavista’s excellence is indebted to both the land itself, as well as the dedication and imagination of its founder, Vittorio Moretti, together with Francesca Moretti, a young wine expert who has launched the company towards its future in new markets. The commitment to their mission is unwavering: obtain the perfect taste which arises from the subtle composition of exceptional raw materials, whose characteristics are further stimulated through the art of single-variety winemaking, which is already now rare.

Each production is carefully looked after right down to the minute details; the time, the silence and the handmade touch are found to be particularly important in the successful process. The aged “riserva” wines represent genuine, precious commodities, maturing each year to define a consistent flavour in the real Bellavista style, which expresses itself with delicacy, energy and an extraordinary complexity as well as being a symbol for a tradition inspired by the pure essence of a completely Italian harmony.