"Per la prima volta diverse imprese, anche concorrenti, dell'alimentare e non alto di gamma hanno dato vita insieme ad una iniziativa imprenditoriale per promuovere lo stile di vita italiano".
Guido Repetto

Founded in 1858, Baratti & Milano is part of the history and tradition of Italian confectionary.  Since start the quality of Baratti & Milano obtained important recognitions so as to be able to be the proud holder of the coat of arms as purveyor to the Royal Household. From the historic café in the heart of Turin, which is nowadays known as a historic place in Italy, his reputation developed. After more than 150 years it is one of the most prestigious Italian brands in the world of chocolate and confectionary, and its creations are valued refinements.

Baratti & Milano creates its specialties by taking care of the control of raw materials from the beginning, while the entire production cycle takes place at the plant in Bra where produces the specialities of the Piedmont confectionery tradition: the Gianduiotti, Cremini, Cuneesi, Braidesi, Praline alla Nocciola Piemonte.

It is also characterised by the production of the classic high-quality “Baratti” Sweets and the production of the fine confectionery of the Ligurian Apennines: the Amaretti Morbidi and Canestrellini  of Sassello. It celebrated its first 150 years of business in 2008.

Belongs to the Gruppo Elah Dufour Novi that was set up in 1982 by entrepreneur Flavio Repetto and is represented in the confectionery sector by four historic brands of Italian industry: Elah Dufour Novi Baratti & Milano

Each brand has maintained a well-defined production philosophy, consistent with its individual history: Elah, founded in Genoa in 1909 by Francesco Ferdinando Moliè, produces Mixes for creams, Puddings and Desserts, Soft Toffee Sweets. It celebrated its first 100 years of business and successes in 2009 by launching new products. For families, Elah has become synonymous with “Homemade Confectionery.” Dufour, founded in Genoa in 1926 by the Dufour family, produces Big Fruit Gelèe jellies, Chocolate Carousel Bonbons, the very special Morabon and Selz Soda in addition to a wide range of filled sweets. Novi, founded in Novi Ligure in 1903, produces chocolate: The Great Nocciolati, the exclusive Fondentenero and the Gran Cru Nero Nero, the traditional Gianduja Piemonte, the Gianduiotti, the Otello praline, the spread Crema Novi. It celebrated its first 100 years of business in 2003.  The four Brands are at the top of the market shares in their sectors.

The Brands are produced in three factories: Novi Ligure, (Alessandria), Bra (Cuneo) and Sassello (Savona).

The Group’s philosophy

  • great care in choosing and checking the raw materials in the countries where they are cultivated and harvested: we have workers in Ecuador and the Ivory coast / Ghana who co-ordinate cooperatives of farmers employed in cultivating and harvesting the cocoa. Hence, the checking process – from the harvesting to the fermentation, to the drying and bagging of the cocoa – is carried out by us directly in the production areas. Our workers are also at the ports of GuayaquilandAbijan to monitor the embarkation procedures.
  • particular attention paid to the entire production process cycle in the factories, from the roasting of cocoa beans and hazelnuts to the finished product, to ensure the Consumer receives safe, excellent quality products;
  • presentation of products of the best artisan tradition;
  • precise continuous training of staff employed in the production plants; great attention paid to the industry to guarantee the Distribution sector the best delivery service and assistance to sales outlets.