"Artemide ha interpretato il progetto LARTE portando il suo contributo progettuale fatto di sintesi fra design e innovazione, creando con la luce soluzioni concrete alle esigenze dell’uomo, utente di questo nuovo spazio messo in scena per Milano. Molteplici e flessibili perfomance assicurano la risposta alle diverse esigenze, sia in termini spaziali che in termini di prestazioni luminose, adattandosi a tutte le esigenze del privato e del pubblico, in interni ed esterni. Ogni lampada è un passo in avanti in termini di sostenibilità, in termini di rispetto non solo dell'ambiente ma anche e soprattutto dell'uomo. Gli apparecchi utilizzati a progetto sono EMPATIA SOSPENSIONE , FRACTALS, ALGORITMO, UNA PRO BINARIO (DANESE Milano): prodotti che fanno parte del progetto The Responsible Light – la luce che nutre il pianeta.""Artemide has interpreted the LARTE project by bringing its planning and development contribution consisting of the synthesis of design and innovation; using lighting to create tangible solutions for the needs of mankind and the consumers of this new space which has been placed on stage in Milan. Both the wide array and flexibility of technical performance guarantee the satisfaction of the various project requirements, both in terms of the use of space as well as the lighting features, adapting to all the private and public needs, both internally and externally. Each lamp is a forward step in terms of sustainability, respecting the environment and, especially, mankind. The appliances used in the project include EMPATIA SOSPENSIONE, FRACTALS, ALGORITMO, UNA PRO BINARIO (DANESE Milano): products which form part of The Responsible Light project – light that nourishes the planet."
Demetrio Porfiri

The Artemide Group is one of the global leaders in the residential lighting and illumination sector and embodies professionalism of the highest calibre. The quality of its design, together with the highest levels of innovative technology and continued investment in both research and marketing are among the key contributing factors which have helped to shape and develop the group’s world-famous brand. The group’s philosophy is encapsulated with the phrase “The Human Light”: Artemide places people and their wellbeing at the heart of every product’s conception and in the performance of each lighting feature and appliance.

The Artemide Group was founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, an aeronautic engineer, together with Sergio Mazza. The Group’s early period saw the development of dedicated research into plastic materials and also the production of furniture such as the Selene chair by designer Vico Magistretti, before turning its focus exclusively to the lighting sector.

At the beginning of the company’s history, Sergio Mazza was the product designer: responsible for Artemide’s first lamp Alfa, a truly modern reinterpretation of the classic bedside lamp. Under the guidance of Ernesto Gismondi the company then began to collaborate with some of the biggest names of design, such as Gio Ponti,  Gae Aulenti, Ettore Sottsass, Angelo Mangiarotti, Enzo Mari, Livio Castiglioni and Gianfranco Frattini. Some of group’s most symbolic lamps include, Tizio by Richard Sapper – one of the first desk lamps to eliminate the need for wires – and the best seller Tolomeo by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina.

Ernesto Gismondi states that “Innovation and research are two of Artemide’s most fundamental principles. It’s absolutely necessary to innovate and create continuously improving products which satisfy the public’s needs and interests. But innovation doesn’t exist without research”. He also comments that “Creativity in our world means to build a strong company identity, striving to understand the direction in which it needs to move and also following new and undiscovered paths in order to express an authentic industrial culture.”

In addition to Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Ernesto Gismondi himself, Artemide’s current designers include many of the most important international and Italian protagonists of contemporary planning and design.

The Artemide Group has headquarters based in Pregnana Milanese and approximately 750 employees.  The Group benefits from a distribution network that includes nearly 60 single-brand showrooms in major cities around the world and Artemide’s products are distributed in 98 different countries.